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Dan and Geraldine Bylsma

Email: danb@awana.org & geraldineb@awana.org
Phone: (907)248-5524
Address: 6921 Kitlisa Drive
Anchorage, AK 99502-1824

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Dan and Geraldine Bylsma have been serving in Alaska as missionaries since 1991. The ministry in Alaska is unique and challenging. Twenty of the churches that use Awana are not on the road system.

Alaska is full of extremes and diversity both in geography and in people groups. To visit those churches in person requires flying or in some cases even taking a boat. Their ministry involves both the remote areas known as the “Bush” as well as the towns and cities where there are more churches, people and roads!

All of their children grew up in Awana and have served or are still serving as Awana leaders. Now their grandchildren are in Awana as well.  Dan and Geraldine are committed to reaching more kids throughout all of Alaska, with the Gospel through equipping leaders.